Turkey just delivered Mini-Bayraktar

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[EN VIDÉO] The US Army is testing a squadron of 103 autonomous mini-drones
In the United States, the Department of Defense has successfully tested a group of 103 microdrones dropped from three combat aircraft. These small, 16 cm long machines, controlled by artificial intelligence, have demonstrated their ability to fly in formation and make decisions as they adapt to circumstances.

This is the terror of Russian armored columns in Ukraine: the famous Turkish “cheap” Bayrakar TB2 drone has been one of the main assets of the Ukrainian army since the beginning of the invasion of the country. He already had 16, some of which were probably destroyed, and just received 18 more. Thanks to these drone attacks and reconnaissance, as well as surface-to-air weapons, dominance in the sky by the Russian army is far from won.

The contribution of this drone, to which Ukrainians sing praises, is undeniable, and it could be backed up by the presence noticed on the battlefields of his younger brother, Mini Bayraktar. As the name suggests, this is a really small drone. It specializes exclusively in surveillance and reconnaissance in support of infantry units. Therefore, the range of its antenna is only 30 km, which makes it drone Proximity.

Mini-Bayraktar is a valuable acquisition for an infantryman. This allows him to accurately aim and destroy his targets within a radius of about 30 km. © Baikar Makina

Strength multiplier

L’airplane can be easily and quickly deployed by troops and does not require an airstrip or high skill to operate. Once upon a timeairwith its low altitude of 1200 meters and allows you to accurately and quickly find targets for weapons artillery. Unlike other small drone The telecommunications of the Mini-Bayraktar, used on the battlefields in Ukraine, are resistant to interference, and its 120-minute autonomy makes it a durable drone. To restore it, the plane turns off the engine and opens the parachute.

The Ukrainian army will receive other drone of a similar category on the part of the United States, but this war shows that with their presence, light weapons and high-speed combat vehicles multiply their effectiveness and inflict huge losses on the enemy. A strategy that led to significant changes and sometimes risky improvisations in their maneuvers.

All about Bayraktar TB2 drones, masters of the sky in Ukraine and reputed formidable

He became the star of the sky for Ukrainians. Whether this is true or false, footage of the destruction of Russian equipment and weapons systems by inexpensive Bayraktar TB2 drones of the Ukrainian army is multiplying on the network. social media. This small armed drone is part of Kiev’s assets to inflict heavy casualties on the invader and slow it down.

Posted on March 07, 2022 by Louis Neveu

At firstRussian invasion, Ukraine fiercely resists. One of its assets is combat drones from the sky, which are proving formidable to armored vehicles, logistics vehicles, and warfare systems. rocket Russians. Bayraktar TB2 is more than mythology about the “ghost of Kyiv”, a famous Ukrainian MiG-29 pilot who scored several aerial victories in one day. The Turkish plane was even honored for several days with a song in all its glory, which was broadcast on YouTube. Six copies of this drone were supplied by Turkey in 2019 and were used to carry out war in Donbas against pro-Russian separatists. In September 2021, Ukraine decided to purchase 24 more drones, which angered Vladimir Putin. The Russian President then criticized the sale of these devices during a telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Bayraktar TB2 was developed by Baykar Makina, it has plumage in V carry two rays. Its cabin, which is carbon fiber and composite materials are smoothed for optimization lift up. It feeds on heat engine located in the tail section of the aircraft. In terms of dimensions, with a wingspan of 12 m and a length of 6.5 m. weight maximum 650 kg, this is small compared to MQ-9 Reaper American is used, for example, by the French army. Much lighter, less powerful, it is able to stay in the air for more than 24 hours at an altitude of 6800 meters. It’s endurance with the ability to fly at very low speed makes it an ideal tool for reconnaissance and reconnaissance.

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny published footage showing how a Russian convoy was shot down by Bayraktar-TB2 in Malin. © Twitter

New drone deliveries

Under the wings, the drone can also carry up to four guided missiles. laser Turkish production Roketsan MAM. Lightweight (15 kg) and compact missiles, demonstrating tremendous effectiveness against Russian armored vehicles, vehicles with ammunition and even manpower. Thus, 70 Chechen soldiers were sent with his blows to reinforcement have been killed recently. Another advantage is that multiple drones can be controlled at the same time for constant surveillance. If aRussian army managed to destroy some of these drones, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine said that a new delivery of these drones had recently taken place.

Considered an inexpensive drone despite a $5 million unit cost, the Bayraktar TB2 didn’t know its baptism. Fire in Ukraine. It was used in Libya and Syria to destroy systems rocket anti-aircraft. This was especially evident in the summer of 2020 during the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh. It was then used to destroy Armenian vehicles. He completed the mission with great efficiency.

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