After Ram Charan, KGF Chapter 2 star Yash REACTS to Salman Khan’s comment ‘why Hindi films don’t work in the south’ – Reuters

Recently, the pan-south Indian film RRR, directed by S. S. Rajamouli and starring superstars Ram Charan and Jr. NTR, broke all box office records and made history as the third highest grossing Indian film. RRR has surpassed Rs 1,000 at the worldwide box office and continues to be strong at the box office. Prior to RRR, pan-Indian films made in the south, such as the Pushpa and Baahubali franchise, were also big box office hits and infiltrated the Hindi belt due to their content.

Joining the wave of accolades for RRR’s outstanding script and stellar performance, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan recently said he was happy that Ram Charan was doing so well. However, Salman, during his media interactions, also expressed disappointment that Hindi films were not working in the south. “He (Ram Charan) did a fantastic job at RRR. I just wished him a happy birthday and the success of his film. I am very proud of him. It’s so good that he’s doing so well. “But I wonder why our films don’t do well in the south. Their films are so good here,” Salman said.

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Now, reacting to Salman Khan’s comment, KGF Chapter 2 star Yash, whose film is already setting box office records, told in an exclusive chat, “It’s not like that. Our films have never received such a reception either, but what is happening in this part of the world, dubbed versions have started to play here, people have become familiar with the content of what we are creating. I think it originally started as a joke for fun because that’s how they felt about this show, but it’s because of the dubbing they did that no one gave any importance to this space. But what worked today is that people got to know our way of telling stories, our cinema, so it didn’t happen overnight. been there for a few years and finally they started to understand the content, the expression of the direction and all that. And then we had a direct instant connection with Baahubali, Sir SS Rajamouli, Prabhas, they took the initiative and then KGF – that also happened from a business point of view. »

He added: “There are many differences in our culture and this should be our strength, not our weakness. If they can take a little time and let us do something interesting, after all it’s all about attitude, there are a lot of films from the North that are hits. We’ve seen a lot of Hindi star movies, we all love them, but the market potential – whether they lived, whether they infiltrated – there’s definitely a huge potential in what I feel, and Sir Salman is right in that aspect, but that’s not the point. that we didn’t watch, we watched them, but the thing is, maybe they should see other aspects besides just releasing the film – the way you collaborate with people, good distribution, for example, like we have Excel Entertainment was here, they should come in. There are good production houses there – who can sell the film, and I would like to see this situation when the pan-Indian film is released, and I hope it happens soon. »

Meanwhile, RRR star Ram Charan also reacted to Salman Khan’s comment and said, “I want a Hindi filmmaker to make a pan-Indian film that even targets the South. Salman (Khan) said: I really like the works of Ram, Rajamouli and Tarak, but why are our films not appreciated in the South? It’s so sincere and honest of him, but I don’t think it’s Salman Ji’s fault or any of the other films, it’s the script; it is the director who has to go beyond these limits “hamara movie idhar hi dekhenge, hamara movie udhar hi dekhenge”. Every writer should write films like Vijaendra Prasad (RRR) or Rajamouli and say “believe it”. “And of course I want to do an Indian film where I want to work with talent from here (Bollywood), I want directors to study talent from the south and make bigger films so we have bigger budgets and we see more number of people. end of the day,” added Ram Charan.

KGF Chapter 2 hits theaters on April 14th. On the other hand, Salman Khan will next appear in Tiger 3.

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