Amazon offers its own home theater system for 73€

News good deal Amazon offers its own home theater system for 73€

Have you just bought a new 4K TV? Congratulations! It remains only to take care of the sound, which is often neglected. Yes, high-quality sound costs as much as high-quality images … except that. Amazon has found a solution that allows you to install your own home theater system for little money.

Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick: Amazon Product Merger for Home Theater Kit

Amazon has made it possible to connect various connected products. The trick is to combine them and the magic happens very quickly. So you don’t have to splurge on a soundbar that costs a few hundred euros and offers mediocre surround sound.

All you need is a Fire TV Stick 4K and connected Echo Dot gen 3 or 4 speakers.

Buy 2 Echo Dots (3rd) for 39€ with code ECHODOT3 on Amazon.

Buy Echo Dot gen 4 for 49€ for 2 on Amazon

Buy a Fire Stick TV 4K for $34 at Amazon

There are huge promotions on these products at the moment, which is good. Even if the technique works with Echo Dot gen 3, we advise you to use the Echo Dot gen 4 duo, which has a better sound, especially in the bass level. Please note that some Echo Dot models are compatible Dolby Atmos (yes, the sound mixing is for cinema and reserved for the high end).

Usually one Echo Dot gen 4 costs $59.99. Right now you can add 2 to your cart and the set will only cost you 49.98€ by entering a promo code 2ECHODOT4 (in the capitals) directly in front of the ticket office. It’s super profitable.

If you can’t afford it and want to pay even less, there’s a similar promotion with Amazon 3rd generation smart speakers. There is a promo code ECHODOTH3 and a pair of speakers will come back to you 39€ Only. It’s pretty crazy.

Here’s how to build an efficient and very inexpensive Amazon Home Theater System:

  • Now that the FireTV Stick is connected to your TV’s HDMI port and you’ve got speakers at home, connect everything to the same Amazon account and the same WiFi network.
  • Open on your smartphone Alexa app and choose “set up audio system”. Click on an option “Home cinema”.
  • Select your Fire TV Stick TV and set up Echo Dot as speakers.
  • Remains only arrange speakers around you, and poof, you’ll have surround sound. A must to truly enjoy your favorite series and movies.

Echo Dot and FireTV Stick 4K Features: Good Products Separately

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

We have been talking about this since the beginning of this article, but you may not know about this product that many people forget about.

The basic principle of the Fire TV Stick is to provide an ergonomic and smooth TV experience for any TV model. Once connected to the HDMI port, the FireTV Stick 4K allows you to download your desired applications (YouTube, Twitch, Netflix, Disney+, Crucyroll, etc.) with perfect optimization. Obviously, Dolby Vision or HDR standards are taken into account.

Since this is an Amazon related product, Alexa is obviously part of it.

Overall Fire Stick TV 4K very modest little device which allows you to actually upgrade your 4K TV if it’s not a Smart TV, or just choose your system, all for a very small price. A little extra: taking your little Fire TV Stick on vacation is like taking your entire TV with you, you just have to plug it in somewhere else to find all your accounts.

Buy a Fire Stick TV 4K for $34 at Amazon

Les Echos Dot: Links to Connected Speakers

In the small world of connected speakers, the Echo Dot is a great benchmark. The level of value for money is unbeatable.

When not in home theater use, Echo Dots serve a variety of purposes. Don’t panic, these are not little spies whose secret purpose would be to expose your privacy to American multinational corporations. The principle of a connected speaker is to simply make everyday life easier. It is the gateway to the wonderful world of home automation (i.e. “connected objects in general”).

In the kitchen, the Echo Dot dictates the recipe, plays music while you peel potatoes, and sets a timer when the dish heats up. In the bedroom, it serves as an alarm clock and assistant that tells you the weather (which helps you choose clothes) or turns on connected light bulbs. In the bathroom, the Echo Dot presses down on you if you inhale too hard underwater while streaming a radio, podcast, or music on Spotify… In short, it serves many things.

For the price and size, the speaker is pretty amazing for its power and overall quality. Once you try it, you’ll find it hard to get by on a daily basis without a handy voice assistant. To be honest, it’s not that expensive to try.

Buy 2 Echo Dots (3rd) for 39€ with code ECHODOT3 on Amazon.

Buy Echo Dot gen 4 for 49€ for 2 on Amazon

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