creating a subsidiary of Multiverse for Web3

At the dawn of his 50th birthday, the casino owner is still one step ahead. A true creator of emotions and new experiences through cutting-edge technology, virtual reality or many innovative developments, he pushes the boundaries of what is possible. And because he believes in the revolution brought about by the blockchain ecosystem, he invests heavily and enters the game.


Blockchain, NFT, Metaverse: the digital revolution is coming

Convinced that the technologies behind blockchains, NFTs and the Metaverse represent a big revolution, Groupe Partouche intends to establish itself in this ecosystem for the long term to develop entertainment 3.0 there with the commitment and ambition to become one of the leading players.

The latest Web3-related innovations and the enthusiasm associated with its decentralized philosophy will create significant economic opportunities. Moreover, these new technologies will affect all areas: games, as well as art, culture, finance and education.

NFTs are up 21,230% in 2021. An incredible figure, indicating explosive growth, but also the democratization of the sector.

Both brands and individuals will play their part and be able to participate in this revolution in the digital landscape.

And to conquer the biggest markets, blockchain activities will need big industry groups like Partouche to join the dance. The company has been working on this for a long time to solve this exciting new challenge.

“In 50 years of entertainment, we want to build new bridges between the traditional world and the blockchain world, which is essentially virtual. On the one hand, to make the virtual world more real, and on the other hand, to continue to give our customers the benefits of the latest technological advances. With that in mind, our physical locations, our entertainment experience and our ability to innovate are major assets.” Maurice ShulmanChairman of Partouche Multiverse and General Delegate of Groupe Partouche

April 2022, Partouche Multiverse enters the scene.

As a pioneer in the world of entertainment, Groupe Partouche is now looking to develop its Web3 know-how to participate as a major player in the blockchain and build its reputation in this new expanding ecosystem.

On April 12, the group’s subsidiary launched its first major project in the NFT world: Joker Club.

The Joker Club is a unique club that wants to bring together all enthusiasts from all over the world who have the “Spirit of the Joker”. Joker Spirit is a touch of madness, genius, fantasy or originality. Joker Spirit is a new playground for those who want to have fun, relax and enjoy life.

Each NFT will be represented by a unique Joker which will grant access to the community. Beyond the artistic value of each NFT, Partouche Multiverse offers the benefits and therefore unparalleled utility of each token.

In addition to the distinctive economic aspect for participants, the lucky owners of these NFTs will enjoy numerous benefits. Thus, the company aims to create a strong and loyal community that will play an important role in the development of Partouche Multiverse and in the creation of its future projects.

“We want to create a new family, the Partouche 3.0 family. “, Maurice Schulmann, Chairman of Partouche Multiverse and General Delegate of Groupe Partouche.

This project is the first in a long series for Partouche Multiverse. Unprecedented initiatives will follow one another to sustainably support the subsidiary in the ecosystem and create the entertainment of tomorrow.

This text is a press release not written by the editors of Cryptonews. Do your own research and only invest money that you can afford to lose.

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