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* President of Tunisia: We intend to end the exceptional period that the country is going through (AA)

Tunisian President Cais Said said on Monday that he is committed to “ending the exceptional period (which the country is going through) and implementing the announced measures through the organization of a referendum and legislative elections.”

The delegation of the European Parliament on Monday began a three-day official visit to Tunisia, during which it will hold consultations on political reform and strengthening the democratic process in the country.

On this occasion, she will meet with representatives of the government, political parties and civil society, as previously announced by the Delegation of the European Union in Tunisia, not to mention the meeting of the delegation with other parts.

The press release elaborated that “Saeed considered the reasons behind his adoption of a number of measures and provisions on July 25” and stressed his “commitment to end this exceptional period by implementing previously announced measures.”

* Tunisia: Judicial Terrorism Pole Investigates Central Bank Hack (AA)

The communications department of the Tunisian Court of First Instance said on Monday that the first investigating judge of the anti-terrorism judiciary was involved in the investigation of a cyber attack against the country’s central bank.

The Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) announced on March 23 that its IT infrastructure was the target of a cyberattack, a hacking attempt was prevented thanks to the efforts of the Central Bank and the National Computer Security Agency (ANSI).

The hack falls under the law against terrorism and money laundering, according to a press release from the Tunisian court of first instance, which also clarifies that the investigation is still ongoing.

The alleged perpetrators of the cyberattack will have to answer “for damage to computer systems or public services in favor of a terrorist organization or conspiracy in connection with terrorist crimes,” the same press release explains.

* Watersports/Sailing: Tunisian skipper Eya Gozges no longer active (AA)

Sad news has hit the lovers of water sports in Tunisia. Sailing champion and skipper Eija Gözges died Sunday while training with her twin sister, Sarah Gözges, who survived the crash.

The office of the director of the Nautical Club of the Tunisian Navy announced on Sunday that Eija had died while training with the national team for the sport.

According to local media, during training, the boat capsized due to the wind. Miraculously, his sister Sarah managed to escape. An investigation was launched to clarify the circumstances of this tragedy, and the body was taken to the hospital.

* The President of the Republic receives a delegation of MEPs (TAP)

Issues related to the national dialogue and the upcoming deadlines were at the center of a meeting held on Monday at the Carthage Palace between President Qais Said and a delegation of European parliamentarians.

President Said reviewed the reasons behind the measures and provisions adopted by decree effective July 25, 2021, reaffirming his concern for ending this exceptional period by implementing the announced measures, the president said in a press release.

The President of the Republic also assured MEPs that “the national dialogue has already begun and that it will be based on the results of electronic consultations in order to best prepare the organization of the referendum and the holding of “free and fair legislative elections under the supervision of the Independent Supreme Electoral Authority”.

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