Pakistan and the wrath of Imran Khan

Imran Khan miscalculated with his punch. He expected massive support from his population and his legislative majority. And when there was a vote of no confidence in the Assembly, he went for broke, trying to dissolve it. After several weeks of crisis, he effectively dissolves parliament, betting on early elections. But the Supreme Court ruled that the dissolution after a vote of no confidence was unconstitutional crap.

He and his party can always represent yourself in the next election, but his victory is doubtful, as he becomes increasingly unpopular with the population. Imran Khan’s record is controversial. From the side they say about him that he is capricious, extremist, calling to beat the infidels, wherever they are. From within, he has managed to reduce corruption, forge close ties with China, and solidify the ruins of Pakistani society.

But Pakistan is not a country, but an army. For 30 years the country was under the dictatorship of the military and even if they were in the shadows, Imran Khan became prime minister only because of their good will. And the Pakistani army has remained silent until today because China has been giving them a big check every month.. But the problem with a cash-driven army is that all you have to do is find a bigger payer, and the United States has gone to great lengths to encourage the army to oust Khan from power and put in another pawn, much more pro-American. , plans are accepted.

AT previous article on Chinese strategyI said it was inspired by the game of Go, where the player’s movement is like water in the opponent’s territory with black and white pieces. If the Negroes are Chinese, then the current crisis in Pakistan can be considered a great victory for the whites.. Because, from the point of view of the West, the transition of Pakistan to their side allows them to neutralize both China and Russia, which wants to use this country to transport its gas to Asia.

It is said that since 2009 Pakistan is a bankrupt state but has continued to ignore bankruptcy laws for more than 10 years., which is a short-term collapse, holding power and transforming society in tribal areas and using Islamic extremism as glue. Despite many storms, Pakistan is still standing and must be preserved at all costs. Because no offense to those who did not like the wrath of the Khan, Pakistan is not Afghanistan, Pakistan is not Syria, Pakistan is not Libya, no, Pakistan is primarily a nuclear power and instability in this country could lead to unimaginable catastrophe if this country is allowed to collapse.

Pakistan has strategic and geopolitical importance significant for many superpowers. The first of these is China CECP (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) This is a huge road, port and gas pipeline infrastructure project that will connect different countries of the region. CECP is essential for the New Silk Road. And the Chinese sure as far as they can tell Whatever regime there is in Pakistan after our Khan, it will always be favorable to China, because without this partner Pakistan will not survive.

CEPC (Pakistan-China Economic Corridor)

And they are right to some extent. As Nawaz Shehbaz Sharif, leader of the Muslim League of Pakistan, in his inaugural address emphasized the importance of the CECP, demonstrating that China cannot be considered a hostile country. However, this could be an ointment to appease the Middle Kingdom.

Imran Khan was fired by the Pakistani army because he could not stand the Americans (while who appreciates Americans except lackeys). The army wants Pakistan to take a position of balance, playing the seesaw between China, the United States and Russia. It’s a risky bet because The West is currently in an unprecedented phase of hysteria and you have to be 100% with the West or you are evil incarnate that strangles kittens before breakfast.

The expulsion of Imran Khan plunges Pakistan into a spiral of unrest when the state is already bankrupt.  The Americans managed to destabilize the entire region.

Nawaz Shehbaz Sharif, the new Prime Minister of Pakistan

All neighboring countries will suffer from this Pakistani crisis. Primarily, Afghanistan, which makes eyes on China, which responds to the advances of the Taliban. The latter want their country to join the New Silk Road, but to do so they must take advantage of the CECP as soon as possible. Moreover, Pakistan is becoming a new El Dorado ISIS, because the Taliban are pushing the Islamists out of Afghanistan, and these last getaway to pakistan because of the completely porous borders between the two countries. It’s not that the Taliban have discovered the unhealthy joys of secularism because they know Victor Hugo and Voltaire by heart. and that they want to fight Islamism, but they want to regain some acceptability in the eyes of the world, especially in China, to attract investors.

This is also one of the reasons for the anger of the Pakistani army, which had difficulty controlling the borders and blocking the flow of Islamists from the north. Imran Khan was, to put it mildly, a supporter of radical Islamism, because he allowed him to make demagogic speeches, making it possible to rally the support of part of the population. But Islamism, often exploited by the West, will be a real problem for Pakistan with the systematic persecution of Shiites, which is likely to irritate Iran, which can speak its mind. Yemen is proof that Iranians are great at salting geopolitical cuisine.

Speaking of Iran, the Persians are also interested in Pakistan besides the religious conflict. The nuclear deal allowed Iran to produce civilian nuclear power, and Pakistan got Iran to sell its surplus electricity. As Pakistan needs energy, lots and lots of energy to fulfill the ambitions of the CECP.. The arrival of a blond named trump thwarted the plan, and Iran remained nuclear-free, and Pakistan had to democratize candles.

At this time, Russia enters the scene, offering its gas and construction North-South pipeline which will bring southern gas from Karachi to the north to meet Pakistan’s huge industrial needs. This pipeline will be built 100% by Russians and will cost about $2 billion. With this crisis and hysteria against Russia, this project is in danger of being slowed down or even stopped, and without energy, Pakistan could go into a tailspin very quickly.

The expulsion of Imran Khan plunges Pakistan into a spiral of unrest when the state is already bankrupt.  The Americans managed to destabilize the entire region.

Pakistani North-South pipeline will transport Russian gas

And Europe will not be the last to suffer from Pakistan’s chronic instability.. With supply chains broken between Europe and Russia/Belarus, the only alternative routes are the Suez Canal, Kazakhstan leading to the Caspian Sea, or even India, Pakistan and Iran via INSTC (North-South International Transport Corridor). From the Caspian Sea, goods join the railway network from Baku to Azerbaijan through Turkish and Georgian Black Sea ports, allowing them to reach European ports in Bulgaria and Romania.

Another alternative is the port of Gwadar in Pakistan built by the Chinese. As Russian, bio-Russian and Pakistani routes could be shut down, global logistics will come under tremendous pressure, driving up transport costs and skyrocketing inflation.. This much longer southern route has already seen a significant increase in traffic since March 2022 and the start of the war in Ukraine.

On the American side, they can be hilarious because their actions are very well thought out… in the short term.. Undoubtedly, the Pakistani Muslim League, from which the new prime minister emerged, is pro-American with a more “liberal” vision of society. It is more liberal for the Pakistani that the full veil may be of a color other than black.. But the Americans, having destabilized Pakistan, are going to turn it into a huge Islamist base and it will explode in front of their noses. Knowing that the Indians are not going to sit idly by. Moreover, the projects of the CEPC and the Russian gas pipeline are long-term projects and it is unlikely that current politicians will close them, because they will suffer the same fate as our national khan.

The political alternative could be to restore power to the military, as they have done in the past, and Pakistan will more or less favor the Americans or the Chinese, depending on who pays the biggest bill.. You must also understand that America wants to control Pakistan for its own apple. As usual, due to the brutal lack of sovereignty, blatant weakness in geopolitics, Europeans will become farce turkeys.

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