Presidential Election 2022: Nicolas Sarkozy announces he will vote for Emmanuel Macron in the second round

The former president was due to recently dine in Bercy with Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire (ex-LR) to discuss, according to some media reports, the hypothesis of rallying about sixty Republican deputies for a possible future majority.

Twelve days before the second round of the presidential election, Nicolas Sarkozy broke out of silence on Tuesday to announce his support for Emmanuel Macron, dealing a new blow to his political family, which is struggling to recover from the historic defeat of Valerie Pecresse on April 10. .

“A new era is coming”

The former head of state, who has never publicly endorsed the Republican candidate and has been highly critical of his campaign in private, explains in a message broadcast on social media that he will vote for Emmanuel Macron on April 24. “Because I believe he has the necessary experience in the face of a major international crisis that is more complex than ever”. Nicolas Sarkozy also spoke favorably of the outgoing president’s Sunday night call for a “great movement of unity and action.”

“Loyalty to the values ​​of the Republican right and our governance culture should lead us to respond to Emmanuel Macron’s call for a rally,” he wrote. For Nicolas Sarkozy, the outgoing president is “in the current state of affairs.” the only one who can act. The interests of France must be our only guide. You can never go wrong with clarity and consistency.”

“A new era is coming. It will require profound changes. We will have to get rid of party habits and reflexes,” he emphasizes in an implicit address to the Republicans. He also believes that Emmanuel Macron’s economic project “puts the promotion of work at the center of all his priorities.”

Nicolas Sarkozy’s stance was expected as the press repeated the backroom talks between the leader of the right-wing Republicans and the majority to set the stage for an agreement between La République en Marche and LR in the June legislative elections. The former president was due to recently dine in Bercy with Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire (ex-LR) to discuss, according to several media reports, the hypothesis rallying about sixty Republican MPs for a possible future majority.

Dividing line

MP Guillaume Larrivet mapped out this path of unification in March, believing that there are “strong similarities” between the project presented by the Republic of Lithuania and Emmanuel Macron’s presidential project. Faced with financial difficulties – Valerie Pecresse (4.78%) didn’t get the 5% needed to recoup her campaign expenses – torn apart by the need for deep renewal or a link to the vast formation that Emmanuel Macron calls for, Les Republican Party has asserted its official position on Monday for the second round.

“No vote can be given to Marine Le Pen”, according to a press release from the political office, but without officially calling for a vote for Emmanuel Macron, whom he accuses of “raising voices of despair.” “Republicans are not interchangeable in either Macronism or Lepenism. There is another way: the way of republican law, which must exist by itself,” we can read.

On Tuesday, several officials of the Republic of Latvia dissociated themselves from Nicolas Sarkozy’s appeal. “I will not answer this call, which will draw a dividing line from the extended LR camp. (…) This could be the moment when the Republican right breaks away from Nicolas Sarkozy. And I say this with infinite respect,” said the vice-president of the party, Gilles Platre, to Le Monde.

Vaucluse MP Julien Aubert, who announced that he would not vote on April 24, expressed regret over the fall on Twitter. “Before the first round, we were waiting for you to come and help your political family. You are talking now. It’s too late like Grumbler at Waterloo“, he writes. Bruno Retaio, president of the LR group in the Senate, emphasizes in a tweet that Nicolas Sarkozy’s position is “personal”.

We will not restore law by dissolving into macronism.“, he said. Gilbert Collard, the former National Rally member who rallied Erik Zemmour, assessed on Twitter that “Nicolas Sarkozy’s latest betrayal puts an end to LR’s fable, which is nothing more than Macroni’s hallway.” The right has one leader, Eric Zemmour , and one party, Reconquest!” he adds.

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