#Puteaux Cinema: programming – Puteaux Town Hall

Find from Wednesday at the cinema Le Central the latest films shown with the French Horn Quartet there on the mountain, Fantastic Beasts 3, The Mirror, Sonic 2, What have we all done at the right god?.

In a programme:

  • Horn quartet there on the mountain
  • fantastic beasts 3
  • Mirror
  • sonic 2
  • What the hell have we all done?



Implemented Emmanuelle Gorgiard, Benjamin Botella, Arnaud Demuynck
Genre: Animation

Program of 3 animated short films.
pig time
Plic Ploc Plic Ploc! The rain invited itself into the Quatuor à cornes field. Margarita, Aglae, Clarissa and Rosina huddled under the awning. When it rains, it’s impossible to have fun! But the impossible is not Charlie! This little pig, full of madness, will teach four cows that we can rhyme creation with rainfall.
Marmot Krok
It’s winter now. Snow falls on the mountain. Heidi, Lucy, Leonie and Niki, the Vodle marmots, seek shelter for their winter hibernation. In their wanderings they meet Denis, a lonely and silent Capricorn who is looking for only one thing: peace and quiet.
On the mountain
After the journey that took them to the sea, Clarissa, Margarita, Aglaya and Rosina are now heading to the mountains. JB, an eco-grazing organizer, invited them to discover the snowy peaks. But when they find out that the ram has gone missing while picking edelweiss, our four heroines decide to go looking for it.



Implemented JK Rowling, Steve Kloves
With Arna Eddie Redmayne, Jude Law, Mads Mikkelsen
Genre: fantasy, adventure

Professor Albus Dumbledore knows that the powerful Gellert Grindelwald seeks to take over the wizarding world. Unable to stop him alone, he assigns Norbert Scamander to lead a team of wizards. They then embark on a dangerous mission during which they will meet fantastical animals and face more and more of Grindelwald’s followers. But with the stakes so high, how long can Dumbledore stay on the sidelines?



Implemented Andrey TARKOVSKY
With Margarita Terekhova, Oleg
Genre: Drama

Alyosha (Oleg Yankovsky) is a Russian film director in his forties. Struck by an illness, in a bad relationship with his wife (Margarita Tereshkova), unable to communicate with his son, he recalls … his childhood home, a young mother (Margarita Tereshkova), their rejection of their father-poet (who is also played by Yankovsky), from the war period . His memories are mixed with the memories of loved ones, the living memory of the era. This is Tarkovsky’s most autobiographical film.

Sonic 2


Implemented Patrick Casey, Josh Miller (LVIII)
Malik Bentaglia, Marie-Eugenie Marechal, Emmanuelle Courtil
Genre: Animation, Family, Adventure

Well settled in the small town of Green Hills, Sonic now wants to prove that he has what it takes to become a true hero. A serious problem confronts him when Dr. Robotnik reappears. Accompanied by their new accomplice Knuckles, they set off in search of an emerald, the power of which would destroy all of humanity. To prevent the emerald from falling into the wrong hands, Sonic teams up with Tails. Then begins a journey through the world, full of adventures.



Implemented Philippe de Chauveron, Guy Laurent
Christian Clavier, Chantal Loby, Ari Abittan
Genre: Comedy

Claude and Marie Verneuil will soon be 40 years old. For the occasion, their four daughters decide to throw a big surprise party at the family home in Chinon and invite the parents of each of the sons-in-law there for a few days. Claude and Marie will have to take Rashid’s parents, David, Chao and Charles under their roof: this “family” stay promises to be eventful.


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