Sciences, innovations and societies: attention to new knowledge from May 9 to 13 and the beginning of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Acfas

Acfas and Laval University proudly present 89and The annual Acfas Congress, which will take place from May 9 to 13, 2022, will be chaired by Boucard Diouf, a talented science popularizer and great French language enthusiast.

Posted under topic Science, innovation and societies, the most important interdisciplinary scientific event in the entire French-speaking world, will take a full look at the issues and challenges facing our society through more than 200 conferences and 600 free presentations presented by approximately 4,000 scientists from 30 countries. During the five days of the congress, promising and relevant topics will be addressed: the impact of the pandemic on child development, the health of waterways, the rights of indigenous peoples, cybersecurity in the age of artificial intelligence, mental health, forests in the face of climate change, and others. In addition, several workshops will the issues of equity, diversity and inclusiveness are considered.

The extensive scientific program of the congress, which is now available on the Acfas website, will be presented entirely online. This dynamic and safe formula will reach thousands of delegates from all over the country and make itself known even more internationally.

In addition, in order to promote dialogue between science and society, a rich and varied program will be held in the presence on the University campus. Laval and at several locations in Quebec. This free programming will be offered to the entire research community and the public. It will include many Science-Me! and certain privileged network activities in a secure environment. As part of the new “Science, Innovation and Society” events, various speakers from the research and business community will discuss their experiences and challenges in scientific entrepreneurship. Several Quebec universities will also present many entrepreneurial projects.

Among the public events that should not be missed, we also mention the conference, which will be held by the honorary president of the congress, Boukar Dioufentitled Adaptation according to Boucarda happy blend of inspiration, humor and knowledge!

“After twenty years in the media as a science communicator, I am thrilled to be back at the Acfas congress both as a participant and honorary president,” clarifies Boukar Diouf. My happiness is the more that it is 89and The annual Congress also celebrates the 100th anniversary of this association dedicated to the advancement of science. Acfas has always been a high place for me to meet people, to exchange knowledge and experience. »

Rector of the University LavalSophie D’Amour, adds: “It is an honor and a privilege for the University Laval to hold this year’s Acfas congress dedicated to the celebration of its 100th anniversary.and Anniversary. The exceptional and unique mobilization of members of the scientific community makes it possible to transmit knowledge in French to a wide audience. This knowledge sharing brings to light emerging new ideas and concrete innovations that help us better understand, guide and shape our world for the well-being of our societies. »

Beginning of the 100th anniversary celebrationand Anniversary of Akfas

89and This year’s Acfas Congress is exceptional as it marks the start of the 100th anniversary celebrationsand anniversary of the association. “Founded in 1923, Acfas has worked from the beginning to bring science closer to society,” recalls Jean-Pierre Perrault, chairman of Acfas. The Congress is fully in line with this desire to share knowledge to enrich collective reflection, a mission that seems even more relevant to us today, at a time when it is often difficult to distinguish true from false. »

For its part, the University Lavalwho will be the hostess of the congress 22and some time after the creation of the event, I am pleased to launch a celebration that will highlight Acfas’ fabulous adventure and its exceptional contribution to making the French language shine as a medium of knowledge.

Partners and sponsors

89and Acfas Congress is supported by the following partners: Canadian Commission for UNESCO, Radio andCanadaQuebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation, Canadian Innovation Fund, Axelys, Hydro Quebec, Quebec CHU, BMO Financial Group, Advice humanities studies CanadaNational Research Council CanadaNational Center for Scientific Research FranceConsulate General of France in Quebec, Quebec Research Foundations, Health Research Institutes CanadaUniversity of Quebec Network, City of Quebec, City of Destination Quebec, Quebec Ministry of Higher Education, Quebec Destination Affairs, Quebec Indigenous Affairs Secretariat, Le Devoir, Quebec Science, KIWAD, Fourwaves, PFT Solution.

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