Taxes 2022: if you do not declare online, you risk paying a fine

It is mandatory to declare your income online, except for some taxpayers. (© Adobe Stock)

From 2019, all taxpayers are required to declare your income online. A generalization that made it possible to accompany the deduction at the source.

While some may derogate from this legislation under certain conditions, all others haveobligation to comply with this electronic declaration. In case of non-compliance, Ithey can be fined the amount of which varies depending on the number of applications sent.

Why is electronic declaration mandatory?

For everyone with internet access, online declaration is required. This obligation follows the Finance Act 2016 and initially applied to taxpayers who declared a certain amount of income (more than 40,000 euros, then more than 28,000 euros).

Today, everyone is concerned, and this is “regardless of their initial tax income,” points out the Ministry of Economy.

Contacted news.frThe DGFIP (Direction Generale des Finances Publiques) notes:

This way of filing a declaration has many advantages: the amount of tax to be paid (or refunded) is known immediately, personal assistance in the declaration to avoid the most common errors/omissions…


Some are released

However, there some exceptions that allow you to submit your tax return in paper format.

“Taxpayers who do not have access to the Internet for technical reasons or do not know how to use it can continue to use the paper form to file income tax returns. Particularly concerned are residents of so-called white neighborhoods who have declared themselves for the first time and who have not yet received their credentials,” Bersi detailed in 2016, without specifying, however, how to justify this exclusion.

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Here are the people involved:

  • those whose main place of residence is not equipped with Internet access;
  • those who live in the “white zone”, that is, in areas where there is no mobile connection;
  • those who cannot report online.

With regard to the last point, we are talking about people who are considered vulnerable, such as the elderly or people with disabilities. What DGFiP confirms:

It remains possible, otherwise, to declare on paper, and the tax authorities will not authorize for this reason. Indeed, if you don’t have the internet or are having a hard time using it, the administration is kind to fragile, elderly or white neighborhoods…


To declare your income on paper, simply use the pre-filled paper declaration received in April/May 2022. “Depending on your situation, this is Declaration No. 2042 or No. 2042 C. Declaration No. 2042 RICI combines the main discounts. and tax incentives,” states the website.

What is the deadline for filing a declaration?

Taxpayers who choose a paper return this way must submit it by May 19, 2022, 11:59 p.m. For those who declare online, the deadline depends on the department number Thus:
– from 01 to 19, and non-residents: until May 24, 23:59.
– from 20 to 54: until May 31, 23:59.
– from 55 to 976: until June 8, 23:59.

Penalty for non-compliance

Be careful, if you do not comply with this obligation, you expose yourself to a fine.

This provision is governed by the general tax code. In particular, article 1738, which states that in case of non-compliance, the amount of the fine is “15 euros per document, with the total amount of fines applicable to documents that must be submitted at the same time being less than 60 euros or more than 150 euros.” .

In particular, each paper document sent is an offense worth 15 euros, with a minimum amount of 60 euros. In other words, if you submit between 1 and 4 documents, you will be fined 60 euros. In addition, it is 15 euros per document. For example, 5 documents sent = 75 euros.

It should be noted that since the introduction of automatic declaration, “nearly 34.2 million tax households (87.3%) have declared their income for 2020 online or automatically,” DGFiP points out.

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