War in Ukraine: Finance Minister asks Russia to pay reparations after the end of the conflict | Business News – NewsRaiser

Ukraine’s finance minister told Sky News that Russia should be forced to pay post-war reparations to his country as soon as the conflict between the two countries ends. In an exclusive interview, Sergei Marchenko said that Ukrainians expect Russia to pay for their aggression, pointing to various means of fundraising from Moscow. He told Ian … Read more

Freeland advocates a “responsible” budget and promotes an “energy transition”.

MONTREAL — In her first speech since the federal budget’s introduction, Treasury Secretary Chrystia Freeland on Monday defended the proposed plan as “a responsible approach to taxation (…) that emphasizes energy transition, innovation and people,” during a speech before the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Montreal (CCMM) at the Palais des Congrès. CCMM President Michel Leblanc … Read more

School canteens – New recommendations – News

French researchers have studied the environmental and health effects of various changes to school canteen menus. The result: Introducing three vegetarian meals, one of fish and one of poultry or pork each week, will halve greenhouse gas emissions without compromising nutrient balance. “School canteens play an important role in the transition to more sustainable eating … Read more

The checkpoint against the launch vehicle in question, combat duty with weapons in eastern Ukraine and the anti-gang operation in El Salvador…

News Presidential: Republican checkpoint at the center of the runoff campaign. Having gone far ahead in the first round of the presidential election with 27.7% of the vote, Emmanuel Macron is heading into the second round under high pressure against Marine Le Pen, who, unlike him, has a vote reserve with Eric Zemmour and part … Read more

Macron tries to calm left in north, Le Pen on Yonne offensive, news on Monday between two rounds

In the north. Traveling to Denin in the north, Emmanuel Macron made it to the second round with 27.8% of the vote, was arrested by a passerby on his statement in Parisian posted Jan 4 “piss off the unvaccinated”. Words that created a shock wave. The presidential candidate, who returned to the campaign a few … Read more

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” World “ maintains a synopsis of the 2022 presidential election campaign: every evening at 19:00, a daily bulletin is released that summarizes the political events of the past day and discusses upcoming meetings. Today’s information: Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, finalists of the presidential elections, start their election campaign between two rounds on … Read more

Wina Series Day 8: LURAKEN and MAMARAZZI, champions with a capital letter – News

While MAMARAZZI pushed the WSeries title record a little further, LURAKEN offered himself a third trophy in five days. Reveal their secrets on revealed maps. Crazy things always happen on Sunday nights at the Winamax Series. Inevitably, with 17 tournaments completed handing out almost €1.5 million and three that will deliver their verdict on Monday, … Read more