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Three alleged kidnappers shot dead by police while trying to kidnap “At least three alleged kidnappers were shot and killed by police who foiled an attempted kidnapping on Kaserne Street on Wednesday, April 15, 2022,” PNH spokesman Inspector Gary Derosier said early in the evening. Photos of the alleged abductors, the three men, … Read more

Gonet: market news from March 17

Dow +1.55%, S&P 500 +2.24%, Nasdaq +3.70%, Russell 2000 +3.08%, SOX +5.03%, Eurostoxx +4.05%, SMI +1.87% . Wall Street listens carefully to Jerome Powell, who doesn’t seem to convince her. Convince her of what? I return to the fact that the scenario presented by the Fed is credible. The US Federal Reserve raised its key … Read more

Who is a war criminal and who decides?

WASHINGTON. US President Joe Biden bluntly called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin a “war criminal” for the carnage in Ukraine, where hospitals and maternity hospitals were bombed. But making someone a war criminal is not easy. There are processes and definitions that must be followed to determine who is one and what punishment should be … Read more