China’s Changing Tech Sector

The gigantic Alibaba, Amazon’s Chinese alter ego, still hasn’t raised the bar. On April 12, 2021, China’s antitrust authority imposed a record €2.3 billion fine on him, culminating in the authorities’ takeover of the “tech” sector. → ANALYSIS. Real estate, Covid, growth… Chinese economy stalls They wanted to bring order to markets that often resemble … Read more

The head of the WTO warned about the division of the world economy

The head of the World Trade Organization warned on Tuesday of a split in the global economy into rival blocs amid the war in Ukraine, urging countries not to restrict trade during the crisis. “The war in Ukraine caused great human suffering, but it also hurt the global economy at a critical time,” said Ms. … Read more

Presidential Election 2022: Nicolas Sarkozy announces he will vote for Emmanuel Macron in the second round

The former president was due to recently dine in Bercy with Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire (ex-LR) to discuss, according to some media reports, the hypothesis of rallying about sixty Republican deputies for a possible future majority. Twelve days before the second round of the presidential election, Nicolas Sarkozy broke out of silence … Read more

From Denmark to Portugal, Europe ramps up efforts to free itself from Russian gas

The construction site of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline on April 7, 2022 in Middelfart, Denmark. (Camille BAS-WOHLERT/AFP) Laid near a dirty trench, large black pipes will soon be buried in this corner of the earth in Denmark. Long-suspended construction of a gas pipeline linking Norway with Poland has resumed following the invasion of Ukraine. … Read more

2030 Energy Efficient Refrigeration and Freezing (Cold Chain) Professional Market Review Report

Analysis of the Energy Efficient Refrigeration and Freezing (Cold Chain) Market by Sales, Price, Revenue and Share in 2030 The most recent overview report gives an overall assessment of the market Energy-saving refrigeration and freezing (cold chain) for the forecast year 2022-2030, which is useful for organizations of all sizes and incomes. This overview report … Read more

Bankruptcies on the rise in France: +34.6% in the first quarter

The indicators turn red one by one. After the slowdown in the French economy, expected in the first quarter, the outlook for French companies is darkening. Thanks to emergency “at any cost” measures, many industries have been able to take advantage of the months-long inactivity of arbitration courts. With all these crutches gradually being turned … Read more