Murders in Paradise: Josephine Jaubert is leaving the series and…

Sad news for Murders in Paradise fans. Indeed, Josephine Jaubert, who had already temporarily left the series in 2019, has announced her final departure. Shock for the audience. She definitely won’t be back this time. After returning in season 10 murder in paradiseaired on France 2 last year, Josephine Jobert leave again Guadeloupe. In season … Read more

Building fire, bus on fire, detonation, fuel theft … Briefly about the various facts of this Monday in Auvergne

The start of a fire in a building in Clermont-Ferrand This Monday, April 11, on the Boulevard Louis-Chartoire in Clermont-Ferrand, in the district of Gravenches, a fire broke out on the Marche de Gros in Clermont-Ferrand. There were no injuries. The warning was issued around 7 am. The fire, probably of accidental and electrical origin, … Read more

The trial of the alleged perpetrators of the murder of footballer Senzo Meiwa opens on Wednesday

17:25, April 11, 2022 Senzo Meiwa only played two seasons as the goaltender and captain of the Rainbow Nation football team. A star of the Orlando Pirates of Soweto for many years, this extremely promising young athlete, born in the slums of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, by the age of 30 had everything a young man could … Read more

A haven of nations, Iceland faces unprecedented rise in violence

Long considered “the most peaceful country in the world”, Iceland’s tranquility has been shaken by a series of shootings and stabbings involving criminal gangs. This country of just 375,000 people is more accustomed to reading about murders in its famous Icelandic noir novels than in the morning papers. “For Icelanders, a gun symbolizes sport” or … Read more

Kyiv is still under threat, according to the mayor; Societe Generale leaves Russia thirty Situation on the map Increase Context Pierre Bouvier, Clemence Apetogbor and Solene L’Enore are broadcasting live. Ukraine announced on Sunday that more 1,200 bodies found in Kiev region to date, the site of atrocities committed during the Russian occupation last month. Prosecutor General of Ukraine Irina Venediktova also reported 5,600 open investigations … Read more

Top 10 dumbest news, champions of the week #373

Hello to all my strawberry sauce pannacottas, how are you? I hope you went to vote because it’s important, at least I hope you went to vote, but not for certain candidates. But let’s put those political stories aside for a moment to focus on things almost as important as the champions of the week, … Read more