The price is too high: real killings and information warfare in the Central African Republic

Eight civilians were brutally murdered in the northwest of the Central African Republic on July 21, 2020 in a city located 12 km from the city of Bossangoa on the road towards Nana Bokassa. The National Gendarmerie sent an investigative team to Kouki (a commune 80 km from Bossangoa) to pursue the perpetrators and investigate … Read more

Violence against a pregnant woman, accidents, kidnapping… Briefly about the different facts of the Auvergne weekend

Prosecution for beating his pregnant sister in Clermont-Ferrand These facts were supposed to take place in the Clermont-Ferrand agglomeration on Thursday, April 7, shortly before 23:00. In the apartment, a 22-year-old young man allegedly attacked his sister, who was in her second month of pregnancy. The origin of the dispute will be financial. Arrested and … Read more

Miscellaneous – Justice | Gardanne: “And then one evening we call the gendarmes …”

After seeing the patrols on TV, 20-year-old Thomas decided to do it. After three months of training, here he is, a volunteer gendarme assistant, in the suburb of Gardana, far from his native Allier. The alarm went off in the bakery. Maybe there is someone else there. In the car, Florian, a 40-year-old warrant officer, … Read more

Montpellier: vandalism, aggression, invasion… Link to the site pursued by opponents

Burnt or damaged equipment, used oil sprayed on a worker’s cabin: Since the beginning of work in October last year, the Lien facility (Inter-Cantonal Prevention Canal North) has been the target of sabotage and malicious acts. At the end of March, a crusher was set on fire in the Lien section (inter-cantonal connection to bypass … Read more

Under the threat of death, Dick Marty has been living under heavy guard for sixteen months.

An exclusive Focus investigation reveals that Dick Marty has been under very tight police protection since December 2020. Ex-Prosecutor, State Counselor, State Counselor (PLR/Ticino) and Council of Europe Rapporteur will receive death threats from radical elements of the Serbian intelligence services. The State Ministry did not send a letter of inquiry, and the FDFA did … Read more

Fake invoices, a truck in a ditch, Diego’s storm … Briefly about the different facts of this Friday in Auvergne

Drunk driver involved in an accident The traffic accident happened this Friday at about 12:15 at departmental 89, in a place called “Chignat”, Vertezon commune. The 40-year-old motorist was driving from the Pont du Chateau when she decided to overtake the vehicle in front. But during the maneuver, he collided with a vehicle coming from … Read more

Accident, theft, breakdown, burned-out car… Briefly about the news of Nievre

The driving instructor must have been very angry on Monday, April 4, in Rue Petit Mouesse. As a result of the collision, his car collided with a car driven by a motorist … without a license. Fortunately, no injuries. Only property damage. The car falls under the road in Saint-Sulpice. The driver was injured after … Read more