Covid in Shanghai: US forces its employees to leave

Concerned about the “well-being” of American citizens, the United States announced on Tuesday that it had ordered non-essential employees of its consulate to leave Shanghai amid the outbreak and the strict quarantine in the metropolis. China’s economic capital is facing the biggest surge in Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic. To deal with this, … Read more

A cloud of sand will cover France this week

You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Sahara sand cloud over France This phenomenon occurs several times a year, but this time it is particularly dense and extensive, resulting in spectacular images. After cloud exceptional sand that swept across France in last March 15then from March 28 a slightly less violent, new cloud of sand … Read more

Grow or pass: the dilemma of our shoulders during childbirth

The human head is not our only possession to be born immature and then blossom in early childhood: our shoulders too! According to Japanese works published in PNAS, the growth of our shoulders slows down during fetal life and then accelerates after birth. A biological trade-off facing the dilemma between facilitating childbirth and providing people … Read more

The cosmonaut syndrome that mysteriously spares Russians

Training Russian cosmonauts could be the key to ridding astronauts of spaceflight-associated neuroocular syndrome (SANS), a condition that affects 70% of them after space travel. The work behind this discovery is published in PNASthe first to look at MRI images were 42 astronauts from three different space agencies. MRI examined the brains of 42 Russian, … Read more

If aliens sent us a message, what would it look like?

Humanity has been trying to contact extraterrestrial civilizations for almost 50 years. Even longer than she listens to space in the hope of picking up a message from somewhere else. But it is very difficult to hear what we are not aware of even in the form. Today, researchers are working on algorithms that could … Read more

items priced for Bac 2022

Engineering exams will take place on May 11 or 12, 2022 (depending on your registration). Find topics below that will be covered in your copies. By knowing the exact topics, revise your exams stress-free! If you want to practice, you can use the topics and answers from previous years. Subject Topics Bac Sciences de l’ingénieur … Read more

Nintendo Switch Sports Preview: Wii Sports Continuity Seems Guaranteed on Switch

Preview Nintendo Switch Sports: Wii Sports continuity seems assured Published on 11.04.2022 at 15:06 The next generation of Wii Sports will return on April 29, 2022 in a hybrid car. Like its predecessor, will Nintendo Switch Sports become a must-have for its console? The real muse of its console, Wii Sports, has been bringing generations … Read more