Gonet: market news from March 17

Dow +1.55%, S&P 500 +2.24%, Nasdaq +3.70%, Russell 2000 +3.08%, SOX +5.03%, Eurostoxx +4.05%, SMI +1.87% . Wall Street listens carefully to Jerome Powell, who doesn’t seem to convince her. Convince her of what? I return to the fact that the scenario presented by the Fed is credible. The US Federal Reserve raised its key … Read more

Who is a war criminal and who decides?

WASHINGTON. US President Joe Biden bluntly called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin a “war criminal” for the carnage in Ukraine, where hospitals and maternity hospitals were bombed. But making someone a war criminal is not easy. There are processes and definitions that must be followed to determine who is one and what punishment should be … Read more