China’s Changing Tech Sector

The gigantic Alibaba, Amazon’s Chinese alter ego, still hasn’t raised the bar. On April 12, 2021, China’s antitrust authority imposed a record €2.3 billion fine on him, culminating in the authorities’ takeover of the “tech” sector. → ANALYSIS. Real estate, Covid, growth… Chinese economy stalls They wanted to bring order to markets that often resemble … Read more

Contrasting indicators of the economy in the light of the war in Ukraine. – China Information and News

Foreign trade remains a strength of the economy, despite the slowdown in export growth for 1uh quarter of 2022. The slowdown is partly due to lower demand in Europe after the war in Ukraine. * The economic numbers paint a nuanced picture. Its known strengths lie almost entirely in domestic public debt, with a $3,400 … Read more

India is trapped by proximity to Russia

While maintaining its economic interests, India, a historical ally of Russia, still refuses to condemn the invasion of Ukraine. A month into the war, the country found itself in conflict, torn between growing pressure from the West, especially from the United States, a strategic partner in the Pacific, and fear of Moscow drawing closer to … Read more

What interest could China have in military assistance to Russia?

According to a number of American media reports, Moscow would ask Beijing to provide it with military assistance. This risk of a Sino-Russian military rapprochement is even on the menu for Monday’s meeting between US and Chinese officials. However, it is difficult to say what kind of assistance China can provide to Russia and whether … Read more

when China and QAnon team up with Russian disinformation campaign

On Friday, Russia convened the UN Security Council to discuss the use by the United States of “secret” laboratories in Ukraine to produce biological weapons. The accusations are based on a conspiracy theory also promoted by China and the American QAnon conspiracy movement. A bizarre conspiracy theory backed by Russia, as well as China and … Read more

Real estate, Covid, growth… Chinese economy stuck

Unable to trade shares of the Evergrande Group on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange: On Monday, March 21, the Chinese real estate giant suspended its listing for the second time since the start of the year to avoid a fall. In theory, Evergrande should pay off the $2 billion bond in two days. Will he … Read more