Building fire, bus on fire, detonation, fuel theft … Briefly about the various facts of this Monday in Auvergne

The start of a fire in a building in Clermont-Ferrand This Monday, April 11, on the Boulevard Louis-Chartoire in Clermont-Ferrand, in the district of Gravenches, a fire broke out on the Marche de Gros in Clermont-Ferrand. There were no injuries. The warning was issued around 7 am. The fire, probably of accidental and electrical origin, … Read more

Violence against a pregnant woman, accidents, kidnapping… Briefly about the different facts of the Auvergne weekend

Prosecution for beating his pregnant sister in Clermont-Ferrand These facts were supposed to take place in the Clermont-Ferrand agglomeration on Thursday, April 7, shortly before 23:00. In the apartment, a 22-year-old young man allegedly attacked his sister, who was in her second month of pregnancy. The origin of the dispute will be financial. Arrested and … Read more

Fake invoices, a truck in a ditch, Diego’s storm … Briefly about the different facts of this Friday in Auvergne

Drunk driver involved in an accident The traffic accident happened this Friday at about 12:15 at departmental 89, in a place called “Chignat”, Vertezon commune. The 40-year-old motorist was driving from the Pont du Chateau when she decided to overtake the vehicle in front. But during the maneuver, he collided with a vehicle coming from … Read more

Drunk for the sixth time at the wheel, shootouts in the camp of travelers … Various facts this Thursday in Auvergne

Sixth time drunk driving This 63-year-old Bourbonnet is, as they say, a recidivist. On Wednesday at 11 p.m., when police checked him on Rue Moulin d’Eau in Riom, it was exactly the sixth time he was arrested while driving while intoxicated. His behavior, of course, attracted the attention of officials: the motorist was driving in … Read more

Theft from a construction site, speeding, drug driving … Briefly about the various facts of this Monday in Auvergne

At high speed in Nohanent A young motorist returning from work was checked by the gendarmes of the Autonomous Territorial Brigade of Chamallière at 146 km/h in a section limited to 70, driving his Renault Mégane around 15:00 this Sunday on the M2 (formerly RD2) road, in Nohanan. The driver recently regained his license after … Read more

The truck hits the house, the young man is seriously injured in the accident… Briefly about the various events of this weekend in Auvergne

An 18-year-old boy was seriously injured in the accident. Shortly after 20:00 this Saturday, April 2, firefighters were notified: on the expressway at the Aurillac exit, at the level of the bridge that crosses the 2×2 lanes between Lazcano and the Noselles roundabout, a vehicle overturned several times under circumstances that remain to be established … Read more

Frontal collision, theft of fuel, motorcycle accident… Briefly about the different events of this environment in Auvergne

The car overturned in Weir Monton. The traffic accident happened this Wednesday at about 12:30 pm, on section 978, commune of Weir-Monton. For reasons that have not yet been established, the 49-year-old driver of the car lost control. The car crashed into a concrete pipe and overturned. With a head injury, the motorist was evacuated … Read more

Serial traffic violations, domestic accidents, fuel thefts … Briefly about the different facts of this Tuesday in Auvergne.

Burning agricultural building in Plo On Tuesday, March 29, around 10:30 a.m., eight firefighters from Plo and Saint-Martin-Cantales intervened to put out a fire that had broken out in an agricultural building at a place called “Fage” in the territory of the municipality. from Plo. The building was partially destroyed. Residents had almost extinguished the … Read more

A dozen new films at Clermont-Ferrand Latin American Film Week

The pivot of the event, President Esperanza Muñoz managed to unearth several previews such as Carnivalwritten by Juan Pablo Félix, one of his “favourites”: “I really liked the script, both in terms of the thriller and the artistic side of the dance.” 22 films at the competition in Dompierre-sur-Besbres Receive our email newsletter and find … Read more

A motorcycle accident, a burnt car, a burglary, stolen fuel… Briefly about the various facts of this Monday in Auvergne.

Biker injured in La Bourboule A 22-year-old motorcyclist was injured in an accident that occurred on Sunday, March 27 at around 6:30 pm at a place called Vendeix Haut, in La Bourboule, at the intersection of RD 645 and 88. The pilot lost his balance through a hole in the roadway, lost control of his … Read more