Russian cinema turned upside down after the suspension of Hollywood productions

Barely recovering from the pandemic, the Russian film industry is suffering from the fallout from the conflict in Ukraine, with five Hollywood giants pulling out of theaters: Disney, Universal, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros and Paramount. The country is trying to turn to Asian industries. Upon learning of Hollywood’s suspension of its films in Russia in … Read more

RRR: an unforgettable show review

Brofors A true champion of mass entertainment in Telugu, so much so that he literally puts his stamp on his films, S. S. Rajamouli has accomplished the feat of winning the favor of Western cinephiles, who usually have great disdain for mainstream Indian cinema. The cynicism of Hollywood majors and programming of festivals is also … Read more

The Witcher’s ‘new’ school confirms it pissed off fans

After the production announcement The Witcher 4CDProjekt RED has confirmed which school will be awarded, and the idea didn’t really come from the studio. barely opens up The Witcher 4 (due to the lack of an official name) is already starting to give some fans the chills. If the return of the saga was received … Read more

Ambulance, Bruno Reydal, Mother… new movie premieres March 23

Ambulance, Bruno Reidal, Mother, RRR… what are the latest movies for the week of March 16, 2022? Each week, Ecran Large enters the cinema market and selects a handful of must-see releases and movies (for good or bad reasons). EXPLODES BY MICHAEL BAY, former Vincent Lacoste, Indian blockbuster, French drama, heinous murder and the promising … Read more

Pioneers of Ukrainian cinema demand removal of Russian films from venues and festivals

Whether directors, actors, critics or festival directors, these veterans of the Ukrainian seventh art, now refugees, warn of the threat posed by Russian films, vectors of propaganda. All generations of Ukrainian cinema condemn the war raging in Ukraine. After calling on seven filmmakers for an all-out boycott of Russia, veterans of the Ukrainian seventh art … Read more