The head of the WTO warned about the division of the world economy

The head of the World Trade Organization warned on Tuesday of a split in the global economy into rival blocs amid the war in Ukraine, urging countries not to restrict trade during the crisis. “The war in Ukraine caused great human suffering, but it also hurt the global economy at a critical time,” said Ms. … Read more

sanctions, military intervention, war crimes… France 24 answers you

Russia launched an offensive against Ukraine on 24 February. Since then, his army has expanded its offensive and continued bombing, forcing more civilians to flee west and into neighboring European countries. Faced with this invasion, you have many questions. France 24’s strategic consultant Guillaume de Rouget will answer some of your questions. Two weeks into … Read more

the noose of sanctions tightens around the Russian economy

As part of the new sanctions, in response to the massacre of civilians in Bucha, the EU is preparing to ban Russian coal from its market. This should deprive Russia of 4 billion euros of income per year. This is far from what the revenues from the sale of gas and oil represent. But for … Read more

Europe 27 is preparing for a war economy. A total embargo on hydrocarbons and a change in the model of life. The Germans will suffer the most

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz speaks to the press April 3, 2022 in Berlin about the war crimes uncovered in Bucha, Ukraine. Pictures of pogroms in the Kiev region, as well as shelling and evidence of Mariupol, produced the effect of an electric shock in Western countries. Emotions are all the more intensified because the Ukrainian … Read more

Energy transition to call for war in Ukraine

“To limit warming to around 2°C, global greenhouse gas emissions need to peak before 2025 and fall by a quarter by 2030.” summarizes the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in a press release accompanying the release of its latest report on solutions to climate change. → READ. Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions Is Possible…and Needed … Read more

more than half a million people returned home

– The population flees from Kramatorsk, fearing a Russian offensive Hundreds of people left the city of Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine on Sunday, fearing a possible Russian offensive in this part of the country, AFP notes. There were hundreds of them, women, children and the elderly, to take the train from the station of this … Read more

“They will not pass, I am 100% sure of this”

About 30 kilometers north of Kyiv, the Ukrainian army has established defensive lines that have so far prevented Russian troops from advancing towards the capital. The supply of anti-tank missiles by Western countries gives the Ukrainian military courage and hope. Exclusive reportage of the Ukrainian security forces. Checkpoints follow one after another on an empty … Read more

Behind the gas showdown with Russia is the ruble war

The sanctions have suffered but not yet sunk: the ruble is almost back to its pre-war and Western sanctions levels. It is currently trading at 83 rubles per dollar, the level of February 23. However, a wave of sanctions imposed after the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine led to an unprecedented fall in … Read more

What is the strategic goal of economic sanctions against Russia?

NATO countries are now trying“Stop the war without going to war”. The formula belongs to Emmanuel Macron. He describes well the purpose of the economic sanctions imposed on Russia the day after its armed intervention in Ukraine. → EXPLANATION. War in Ukraine: Decathlon announces withdrawal from Russia, other companies cling With these measures, developed countries … Read more

winners and losers of French agriculture

Regardless of the sector, approximately 390,000 French operators are suffering from rising fuel prices, in particular for off-road diesel fuel (GNR), which has accelerated since Russia’s entry into the war. But with the rise in prices for cereals is another matter. With soft wheat priced at almost €320/t in the 2022 campaign (1), compared to … Read more