China’s Changing Tech Sector

The gigantic Alibaba, Amazon’s Chinese alter ego, still hasn’t raised the bar. On April 12, 2021, China’s antitrust authority imposed a record €2.3 billion fine on him, culminating in the authorities’ takeover of the “tech” sector. → ANALYSIS. Real estate, Covid, growth… Chinese economy stalls They wanted to bring order to markets that often resemble … Read more

the noose of sanctions tightens around the Russian economy

As part of the new sanctions, in response to the massacre of civilians in Bucha, the EU is preparing to ban Russian coal from its market. This should deprive Russia of 4 billion euros of income per year. This is far from what the revenues from the sale of gas and oil represent. But for … Read more

Energy transition to call for war in Ukraine

“To limit warming to around 2°C, global greenhouse gas emissions need to peak before 2025 and fall by a quarter by 2030.” summarizes the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in a press release accompanying the release of its latest report on solutions to climate change. → READ. Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions Is Possible…and Needed … Read more

Behind the gas showdown with Russia is the ruble war

The sanctions have suffered but not yet sunk: the ruble is almost back to its pre-war and Western sanctions levels. It is currently trading at 83 rubles per dollar, the level of February 23. However, a wave of sanctions imposed after the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine led to an unprecedented fall in … Read more

Greece on the road to economic recovery

How many tourists will be in Greece this year? In early spring, the entire tourism sector, which makes up 20% of GDP, hopes to return to pre-health crisis levels. The first signs are encouraging: in the specialized press, tour operators note that Greece has again become a leader among vacationers this “spring-summer”. In another welcome … Read more

What is the strategic goal of economic sanctions against Russia?

NATO countries are now trying“Stop the war without going to war”. The formula belongs to Emmanuel Macron. He describes well the purpose of the economic sanctions imposed on Russia the day after its armed intervention in Ukraine. → EXPLANATION. War in Ukraine: Decathlon announces withdrawal from Russia, other companies cling With these measures, developed countries … Read more

In Egypt, “nothing can afford,” even bread

Bread prices in Egypt have been skyrocketing in recent days. Two weeks ago, Rabia, a baker in central Cairo, raised the price of his tortillas from 50 Egyptian pound cents to 75 cents. “With this war, not only flour is becoming more expensive, but also gasoline and food: everything is becoming more expensive,” he justifies … Read more

Russians shocked by rising prices

Calmly the Russians are preparing for the consequences “flood” fines. “The Americans promised us this economic war. At the moment everything is fine. But we feel that a crisis is coming.”anticipates this close friend of one of the main Russian oligarchs. Linked to the Kremlin, these billionaire outposts of Vladimir Putin’s system are being targeted … Read more

In Russia, the economy has already suffered from Western sanctions

“Everything is frozen, hanging by a thread, as regards the application of sanctions…” This French entrepreneur, who has supplied equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industries to Moscow for many years, is devastated by his “dive into the unknown” since the Kremlin, in official terminology, began “special military operation” in Ukraine. → EXPLANATION. War in … Read more

Real estate, Covid, growth… Chinese economy stuck

Unable to trade shares of the Evergrande Group on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange: On Monday, March 21, the Chinese real estate giant suspended its listing for the second time since the start of the year to avoid a fall. In theory, Evergrande should pay off the $2 billion bond in two days. Will he … Read more